Griz Grobus (Hardcover) by Simon Roy

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Griz Grobus tells two parallel, intertwined tales from the far-off colony world of Altamira. There, high in a sleepy mountain village, the overzealous academic ambitions of a young scribe lead to the resurrection of the town’s ancient colonial-era priest-bot. This long-defunct pastor finds himself in a world that has passed him by, but refuses to simply accept his obsolescence, much to the chagrin of the scribe and the local townsfolk. The second story is Altamira’s most famous novel (being avidly read by the characters of the first story), a fantasy tale about a war-god who gets trapped in the body of a goose, and the efforts of one pacifist cook to delay the war-god’s bloody return to the battlefield. 

Comes with mini-comic "Thinking Machines of the Apostolic Congress"