Atomic Hercules 1 by Adam Falp & Tony Esmond

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Description: THE YEAR 2184. EARTH IS NO MORE THAN A BROWN AND GREY DESERT OF MUTANTS, ROBOT ARMIES, AND A SINGLE DRUNKEN DEMI-GOD NAMED HERCULES. STRANGERS NOTE: This is one of those comics that I was so excited to get my hands on and I'm really happy it's the first one I'm putting up as part of the new distro. It's everything I love about comics and I think many of you readers will enjoy it. It's batshit insane and full of the genre-goodness that I love to write about in Strangers. SHIPPING NOTE: If you are in the UK/Europe- please order directly from Tribute Press as it will save you on shipping since they're located in the UK. *PLEASE NOTE: This is not a bundle, you need to add both issues to your cart if you'd like both*